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Are you a guy in his 40’s looking to get in shape and regain the health - energy and body that you possibly had in your younger years

I guess many of you have therefore either hired a PT or are very probably thinking of hiring a local PT to help whip you into shape ..


I hear this all the time as the solution that men in their 40’s think they need

PLEASE - this is so far from the reality of what you really need

Hey I’m not condemning face to face PT’s

I’ve worked as a face to face Coach for over 25years I’ve hired over 30 PT’s in my career to help manage my client bases

I’ve owned a couple of exclusive Personal Training clubs & so I’m pretty well qualified to know what a PT offers a client

But let me start by making 1 thing clear

You are very misguided as a manover40 if you think the answer to you getting yourself in shape is running around the gym several times a week with a PT motivating you and counting your reps In fact whoever you are the workout itself is only ever going to be less than 20% of the equation As a manover40 it’s even less than that and there are so many better areas to focus on & make progress and get results -

In fact running around the gym and performing these PT motivation fuelled workouts can actually do you detriment unless you have the other areas more important key areas managed effectively

Look any PT can give you a great workout

Any PT can give you that endorphin buzz after a workout

Any PT can make you sweat - make you sore & make you tired !!

All these things give you a buzz and might even give you some instant weight loss on the scales

An skilled, experienced & effective ' COACH '

looks at ensuring your long term development and progress and delivers maximum Long term results

Let me ask you honestly where do you as a Manover40 think you will get the most value and results from?

A 20 or 30 year old giving you a great workout a couple of times per week

Or a 48 year old professional coach that has Transformed the bodies of hundreds of Over40 year old men

A 48 year old coach who lives the life himself and understands the physical changes in our bodies and the demands upon our lives

- A Coach that assesses your blood profiles

- Tracks your daily body composition every week

- Monitors and advises on your daily eating whilst assessing every macro and calorie you eat each week

- A Coach That provides in detail every workout that you need to perform each day to have optimum balance of workout stress to get results

- A Coach That understands the hormonal changes of an over40 year old Male - the shifts in testosterone - cortisol - oestrogen - Igf1 and how to rebalance them

- A Coach that understands the decline in your gut and liver health and the effect it has on your now slowing, tiring declining metabolism ... & how to resolve it

- A Coach that helps optimise your sleep and provides you the now necessary daily habits to get success

If you still think that your long term success comes from simply hiring a PT to give you a great workout -

then I sincerely wish you the best of luck guys


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