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A Personal Bio Hacker who’s passion in Life is to experiment how best to achieve Optimal Health, Fitness and Performance through diet, nutritional supplementation and exercise protocols whilst putting it to the Test against the World’s most demanding physical challenges. 

His Personal achievements continue to grow year on year but consist of Numerous Marathons and 60 -100 mile ULTRA RUNS around the world, Multiple IRONMAN races, several Tour De France Stages, CROSSFIT Competitions, SPARTAN Endurance Races and TRIFECTA accomplishments and racing for GREAT BRITAIN in Duathlon World Championships 


I might well talk the talk but you can rely on the fact that I most definitely also Walk the Walk. I am not an armchair preacher, I have never been a genetically blessed 20 year old with a six pack without any effort and I am not just a university graduate with no real life experience.

I have fought for every inch of my own physical development and success and have made many mistakes along the way. I have practiced my art and science on literally many hundreds of individuals and it is through my passion to achieve results and my willingness to learn from my mistakes and successes by experimenting on myself, that I have developed my knowledge and my skill 


My road into fitness began with a childhood full of sports and a love for the Marvel Super-Hero comics. I grew up during the dawning of the Rocky movies and the rise of Arnold Schwarzenegger and at a young age developed a fascination ….. Possibly an obsession …. With Human physical development. I read every page of every issue that I could find of Muscle & Fitness, I hired library books on Human Performance and I went to bed every night with the Arnold Schwarzenegger Encyclopaedia of BodyBuilding!!!

By only the age of 16 I had gained my first Fitness Qualification and was working Part Time in Gyms whilst studying at school. This theme of my life has continued for the Following 30 Years and I have been fortunate enough to have amassed a lifetime of experiences from my passion and life’s vocation. I have travelled the Word assisting Professional Sports People and other highly successful, inspirational and interesting individuals. I have circled the Globe in my own pursuit of conquering the World’s Greatest fitness Challenges. I have owned and opened Gyms and Health Clubs and have built many great friendships and relationships along the way.  

My Passion still remains burning just as strong in helping Transform other people’s lives through the development and changing of their bodies.

I have a Personal Training Studio in Ascot, Berkshire and I continue to work 1-1 with my established Long Term Client base.

However I now specialise in helping MenOver40 and their specific needs regain the bodies, the energy and the health of their younger years by providing the #1 Online Plan for the MaleOver40 to REGAIN THEIR SUPERPOWERS


I would love to help you be the Man you used to be, want to be and deserve to be

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If you are really committed and ready to improve your life go ahead and choose a best plan for you bellow



If you still have some questions about which package may be right for you, or to find out some more information, just drop us a line.

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