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Over the Festive period lots of extra calories will undoubtedly pop in.

These I am afraid have to be accounted for.

The Magic Xmas Fairy does not magic festive calories away.

If your weight is stable and you are in a calorie balance or if you have been on an upward trend with a hypercaloric surplus you MUST BE AWARE of the accumulation of more Extra calories now. EXTRA CALORIES IN requires EXTRA Calories expending out. Every additional extra meal out and extra festive treat is an addition to your normal calorie intake and balance.

I have calculated that every time I consume a tiny advent calendar chocolate

(which I obviously don’t eat throughout the year) that my 36 calorie advent treat requires on that day an extra :-

  • 80 seconds of Near Max effort on the bike OR

  • 75 seconds of near vomit experience on the Rowing machine OR

  • 2 minutes of fast moving Burpees OR

  • 5 minutes of VERY FAST Power Walking

This would have to be completed at the end of my already intended daily workout because this has already been taken into account when calculating my BMR, Activity Level and daily calorie needs.

I either add this to my schedule each day or If I continue popping these tiny advent calendar choc’s all the way up to when Xmas Eve arrives, I will need to do either add an extra

  • 30 - 35 mins on the Bike or Rower at near vomit inducing Intensity OR

  • 48 mins of constantly fast moving burpees (NB I did 90mins last Xmas Eve and could hardly pick up my fork the next day at Xmas Dinner!!!) OR

  • 2 Hours of Very Fast Power Walking each in addition to my already planned Big Festive workout.....

Or quite simply I accept that I gain over 1/2lb of Fat before Xmas Day and the real treats begin.And remember this is all based just upon a small 36 calorie advent calendar chocolate Now try adjusting the maths for a standard 270 calorie Mince Pie everyday or all of the other additional food and drink joys the Festive season brings;

The science is that simple.

You simply have to earn your extra Festive treats or accept that there is no Magic Xmas Fairy and you will gain weight over Xmas. Weight that will be difficult to get rid of when the New Year begins and will instantly put you on the back foot.

However small they may seem, an advent choc here, a small mince pie there, a glass of mulled wine to wash it down. By the time January 1st arrives they will mount up.

Don’t live like a monk over Xmas. Enjoy your Xmas Treats but ensure that you make some sensible decisions and be aware that if you are putting in more than needed then you need to create a deficit somewhere.

In fact why not look at my free e-Book - ‘THE TOP 10 HACKS HOW TO NOT GAIN WEIGHT OVER XMAS’

You can also try Eating some lower calorie Healthy Christmas alternatives. Check out the comparison of my Festive Lunch below and why not try the Healthier option Recipes


A Gingerbread Muffin, Xmas Wrap and Hazlenut Praline Latte

1205 Calories – 146grams Carbs – 24grams Protein - 56grams Fat


1 XMAS WRAP 1 X Lo-Dough Wrap 2 X Pork, Sage & Onion Stuffing Balls 100g Sliced Turkey Breast 30g Free From Wensleydale Cheese & Cranberries A scraping of mustard & All Natural organic, vegan Free From Mayonnaise

1 XMAS MUFFIN 2 X 25g Scoops Bulk Powders Gingerbread Latte Protein Powder 2 X Eggs 30grams Bulk Powders Dark Chocolate & Roasted Hazlenut Butter 30grams Almond Flour 30grams Coconut Flour

Mixed Thoroughly, Scooped into 4 non stick Muffin cases and baked for approximately 15mins MAKES 4


570 Calories – 20grams Carbs – 60grams Protein – 30grams Fat

Gluten Free, Healthy, Nutritious, Quality Proteins, Essential Fats and full of antioxidants



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