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My Bodyweight and Body-Fat% are stable.

I know & understand my nutritional requirement to gain weight or to lose fat.

I know that after calculating my Basal Metabolic Rate, factoring in my general weekly activity level and then adding onto this number the extra calories that I burn through my exercise sessions that I can eat between 3400-3700calories per day to be in calorie balance and maintain my body composition as it is. I have spent long periods of time testing how far I can deviate from this calorie requirement before my body-composition changes. I don’t expect every client to live like this but this is how I roll!! ….. This is my life!!!

I use myself as a personal physical experimentation so that I can best prescribe my science to my clients.

I know many dietitians will dispute the claim that Fat loss is as simple as Calories Out exceeding Calories In and that our body’s are not simply mathematical machines. I accept this fact to a certain degree;

There are indeed many physiological factors that are involved in the process of our bodies either gaining weight or losing weight and our hormonal responses indeed play a massive role.

I do not believe that if I consumed 3500calories per day of Sausage, Chips and Ice Cream that it would have the same physiological effect as if I had consumed 3500calories per day of quality proteins, unrefined complex carbohydrates and essential fats.

In fact I genuinely intend to experiment with myself later this year and put it to the test for 6 weeks.

Part of me cant wait ….. another part of me however is scared SH**LESS!!! Check out my posts later in the year to see the results for yourself.

If I am constructing my own diet or prescribing a nutritional plan for a client I will use a multitude of tools up my sleeve and manipulations to help optimally achieve the Goal and many of these will centre around assisting our hormones to be in an optimum state.

With all this being said however if there is ‘ONE KEY FACTOR’ that is instrumental in Gaining weight or Losing weight it is quite simply that we are not maintaining a calorie balance.

We are either consuming more calories than we are expending and therefore have a HYPERCALORIC DIET and WE WILL OVER TIME GAIN WEIGHT.

We are expending more calories than we are consuming and have a HYPOCALORIC DIET and WE WILL LOSE WEIGHT OVER TIME or We are consuming an equal amount of calories to what we are expending and our weight is stable with a EUCALORIC DIET.

Whether the weight we Lose or Gain is predominately Fat tissue or Lean muscle tissue is dependant on some of the many other factors that are important in constructing a nutritional plan. The next three of these main factors involved would consist of




I could also get down to the real nitty gritty and list several more factors that I take into account but none will have such a large effect to your weight as NOT BEING IN CALORIE BALANCE. If we simply view our bodies as we would a Bank Balance then once you have consumed and accumulated 3500 calories more than what our Calorie Balance requires – We will Deposit and Gain 1lb of weight. Vice Versa once we have expended a total sum of 3500 calories more than what we need to consume to maintain a Calorie Balance – We will have lost 1lb of weight.

In stating this please TRUST ME when I tell you that consuming 3500 calories over our calorie requirement is so very much easier than expending those additional calories.

If we just consumed 250 extra calories per day more than what our daily calorie requirement needed it would only take 14 days to accumulate 3500calories and gain that extra pound. Consuming an extra 250 calories is one of the easiest challenges you will ever face ……

Especially during Festive and Holiday periods.



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