Paul has been my Trainer for nearly 10years and his professionalism combined with his knowledge and experience of working with the World’s best Golfers has helped me stay fit and keep playing golf to a reasonable level!


Politician + Entrepreneur + Creator of eBookers + CEO of Copper Beech Group

I have worked with Paul since 2012 and in that time he has taken me through numerous Ironman Races and Half Marathons and has helped me qualify for the GB Age Group Ironman squad. I can’t state strong enough how Paul’s expertise is second to none and has helped me every step of the way to achieve my Goals.


I have used Paul’s knowledge and experience over many years of my career to help keep myself in good shape and recover from my injuries.



Professional Stuntman

Paul has been my 1-1 Coach for over 10years and his experience, knowledge and motivation has been invaluable in helping me attain and improve my level of fitness as I approach my sixties.


Investor + Entrepreneur + CNBC philanthropist of the year + Chairman of Fredericks Foundation

Paul has been my Personal Trainer since 1998 and after literally changing my life by helping me shed several stone and achieve the accomplishment of running several half marathons which I never thought possible, he has continued to provide fun, motivational workouts every week and I don’t think 2 have ever been the same along with ongoing support and encouragement to keep me in check and stay healthy and fit


Since approaching the services of Paul I have managed to go from being an unhealthy overweight 30 something to being the fittest and healthiest I have been in my life at the age of 40. During our journey together I have raced for GB, conquered several Ironman events, run numerous marathons and Ultra Marathons and recently qualified for the World Championships Obstacle Racing event.

I cannot state strong enough how invaluable Paul’s expertise is in providing exercise and nutritional plans along with his ongoing support.


Property Developer

I had used many London based Top Personal Trainers beforehand but since meeting Paul he has become my 1-1 Personal Trainer for over 20years now and without his constant motivation and support I would have had no chance maintaining my exercise routine and staying in shape.


Paul has been my Personal Trainer for nearly 20years and aside from helping me accomplish numerous Fitness Goals including Running a Half Marathon, Rowing a Half marathon, Trekking Kilimanjaro and this year conquering Machu Picchu he has provided a constant passion to try and motivate and support on a sometimes challenging road to staying fit & healthy and has helped me stay the journey.


Managing Director of Shorts Group + Entrepreneur

Paul has helped me stay on top of my game and injury free for the last 5-6 years. Without him I do not think I would be able to play as often and at the level that I still do.


Professional Polo Player

I literally hate exercise but Paul and his Team have managed to make exercise almost enjoyable and their knowledge of everything diet and nutrition has really helped me get in the best shape possible


Loaded Presenter + YouTube Vlogger

Paul has been my Personal Trainer on & off for almost 20years. I can testify to his commitment and honest passion in helping his clients.


CEO of Ashwood Associates

London, United Kingdom


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